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RE: engineering software

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>Some suggested areas where essentially all programs need improvement

All the programs I've used regularly handle your items 1-4 easily using 
command stream input rather than sitting at the terminal and entering 
them interactively. With both programs you can save a series of commands 
listed on a text file so the program can read and execute them all in 
sequence by simply reading the file. It works with all program commands 
including plot and post processing. COSMOS and ANSYS save all the 
interactive commands on a text file that can be saved and edited after an 
interactive session, so you can generate a model piecewise, fixing 
erroneous commands with a text editor as needed. The command file makes 
an excellent archive. Seems like most of the developer's reps I've run 
into only want to talk about whizzy keyboard commands--could be your 
software can do this and you weren't told.

Item 5 (extraction of nodal forces on cut faces) is really a must. If you 
can't check static equilibrium or loading it's like night driving without 

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