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RE: Please drop me from the server list

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To: 1997 UBC Code authors

The following is a representative example of the reading skills of some of
the engineers on the list. We routinely get this message on the list from
people even though the instructions on subbing and unsubbing from this
mailing list appear at the bottom of each and every post. Apparently, there
is a significant percentage of the engineering population that is only
capable of generating numbers if and only if they are shown how to do it
precisely in the exact manner. Reading and interpreting is obviously too
advanced. Not that impressive, if you ask me.

Based on this (and other) examples, aren't some of you concerned (at least a
little) that the 1997 UBC is too difficult to read and implement properly?


Waiting to see the next chimpanzee to unsub,

Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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Subject: Please drop me from the server list

I want off seaint(--nospam--at) e-mailing list.  This is at least the 20-30th
time I have requested this yet still I get flooded with e-mail.  Please do
it now! eucaliptus(--nospam--at)