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RE: Please drop me from the server list

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Unfortunately your demands are not being addressed. This is an unmoderated listservice - getting in and out is an automated process. The only thing that you accomplish by sending these demands to the list is to annoy the list subscribers and take up valuable bandwidth.
You subscribed by automated process and I assume that you are in the engineering or building profession.
Each of the posts that you receive automatically from the list contains directions at the bottom for removing yourself from the service. You must send this request from the same email address that you subscribed from.
Your other option is to go to the SEAINT website at and follow the link to Listservice. You will be given the opportunity on this site to unsubscribe yourself from the list.
I understand your frustration but listservices that provide explicit directions at the bottom of every message that is distributed to subscribers assume that you have read the directions and are following them. With this said, sometimes the service does not work smoothly. In this case there is another address to send for help with these types of problems.
I hope this helps you understand how to unsubscribe from the listservice. Unfortunately if you fail to do this on your own or write for help you will need to change your email address to stop the flow of traffic. I am sorry about this but we have neither the personnel or resources at the location of the server to review the posts that flow through the list daily.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
(208) 361-5447 Efax
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Sent: Saturday, November 13, 1999 8:39 AM
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Subject: Please drop me from the server list

I want off seaint(--nospam--at) e-mailing list.  This is at least the 20-30th time I have requested this yet still I get flooded with e-mail.  Please do it now! eucaliptus(--nospam--at)