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RE: leaving seaint

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Hey, he deserves half of the ribbing - I assume you are in a community property state:o)
That was a joke in case you are a true neophyte. We won't hold it against you but will probably give your hubby a tough time for a while - all in fun.
You take care and we will have you off the list by morning (just kidding again).
The best to you both,
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From: jpd [mailto:eucaliptus(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 1999 7:35 PM
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Subject: leaving seaint

I made a great mistake this morning and requested to leave seaint.  My husband is in the construction trade and is out of town quite alot.  I am pretty much computer illiterate and have no desire to talk about structural engineering.  As I said earlier I am a Chef by trade.  I decided to start e-mailing friends and family while he was gone(on his computer)and decided to cancel whatever subscription he had joined(seaint inparticular)that seemed to send such a large amount of e-mail.  The windfall of e-mails in response to a wife who was just a confused computer user trying to get rid of what I considered junk mail has been enourmous.  Please let me assure you I will not bother any more.  My husband had nothing to do with this and is stressing that I have just made his e-mail address known as the home of the structural engineer that can't follow directions, when it was the destination home of the wife who shouldn't use her husbands office or computer.  Respectfully I must give you my regards and withdraw.  When you see eucaliptus(--nospam--at) it will be my husband not me that you are speaking with.  Thanks all,        Signed the cook and the wife(not the husband)