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RE: engineering software

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> Sent: 	Saturday, November 13, 1999 12:22 PM
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> Subject: 	RE: engineering software
> All the programs I've used regularly handle your items 1-4 easily using 
> command stream input rather than sitting at the terminal and entering 
> them interactively. With both programs you can save a series of commands 
> listed on a text file so the program can read and execute them all in 
> sequence by simply reading the file. It works with all program commands 
> including plot and post processing. COSMOS and ANSYS save all the 
> interactive commands on a text file that can be saved and edited after an 
> interactive session, so you can generate a model piecewise, fixing 
> erroneous commands with a text editor as needed. The command file makes 
> an excellent archive. Seems like most of the developer's reps I've run 
> into only want to talk about whizzy keyboard commands--could be your 
> software can do this and you weren't told.
Command-driven program? Not user-friendly environment. It would be better to
use mouse-driven program.