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RE: engineering software

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>If so, you need to use calculator, not computer, for analysis and design.
>When we moved from calculator to computer, no one had a statement as the one
>Chris wrote. Our solution techniques hinge on the computer technology. It is
>not right to leave computer technology alone.

What is not right is to equate engineering productivity with computer 
geekery. I've been using finite element methods for about 25 years, and I 
make a pretty good living at it. Emphasis on whizzy computer stuff hasn't 
really moved FEA use all that far. People are still making the same 
dumb-ass mistakes (and I'm right up there at the top of the list) and 
still having the same problems with bugs and interpreting results. 
Parallel processors and genetic algorithms aren't going to be of any 
benefit if the code is still buggy. The only differences are twofold:  1. 
Faster, cheaper computers allow more people can do more damage is less 
time than ever before and 2. There are more newbies around who imagine 
that the computer is doing their thinking for them.

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