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RE: engineering software

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>Command-driven program? Not user-friendly environment. It would be better to
>use mouse-driven program.
Used 'em both, and it's not a question of either-or. You need both. 
Mousing around is a huge pain in the ass when you know the command syntax 
and can type commands quickly. If you're putzing around, a properly 
designed graphical interface is fine--much easier to pick a few entities, 
for example and zoom in on details. If you're doing parametric modelling 
you need a programming language for setting out a list of predefined 
operations--can't do that with a mouse. And archiving a model using 
binaries instead of an ASCII  command list pretty much insures that your 
archive will be useless in one or two program or OS updates.

Don't get me wrong--I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Machead. I run the best 
designed graphical interface there is and I love it because I remember 
(vividly) running ANSYS from tab cards and some infernal IBM 3090 set-up 
where I had to allocate specific disk tracks for file storage. I'd _hate_ 
going back to a command-line operation exclusively. But it's a machine. 
Software isn't user-friendly; at best it's user indifferent. Colleagues 
are friendly, machines aren't--even my Mac.

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