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RE: REply to "Am I the Only Staad Supporter"

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Is anyone familiar with some of STAAD's error in the computation? I heard
from a colleague that there was an error in the stress computation for
combined axial and bending (steel). I know there are some errors in the
design for concrete. Does its steel design really has an error? How about
the results of the analysis? 2-D models are O.K. but how about 3-D?

Any reply would be highly appreciated.

A. Yango

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> Ken, 
> Based on reading your posting I would not call you a STAAD supporter.  You
> sounded like me SEVERAL years back when I first got STAAD at a company I 
> worked for.  I was not a supporter, I just complained less than people
> that 
> had run the program over a longer period of time.  After I had run the 
> program for an extended period of time...I became a "Chronic Complainer".
> My 
> problem was that my boss was not about to spend money on another program 
> since he could not get his money back from STAAD.  We fell mostly into the
> advertisements and lip-service.  Only running the product for months
> reveals 
> all the problems you have to deal with.
> IMHO the #1 problem STAAD had back then was the support staff.  I was not 
> familiar with the MA bunch, but the CA bunch was a constant headache.
> Here 
> is a summary of problems....I bet they are the same in 1999 versus 1991.
> 1.  You report a problem...they say it is user spend days and
> weeks trying to get usuable answers figure out it is
> their 
> problem..and have to spend time convincing them.   Like another posting 
> stated...i got tired of debugging their program.
> 2.  You send them your file to run and "see" the problem with the program.
> when they get the file, they strip everythign out except the part you are 
> complaining about (steel design for example).  They never ran the file I 
> sent, they always edited it.  I was always contending that their "free 
> format" is dangerous in that they do not know where the information is
> going 
> due to the lack of structure.  I was correct on several instances of this.
> When they edit the file, this removes the problem...and therefore they
> report 
> to me that the answers are correct.
> 3.  When you tell them of a feature that is easy to include in the program
> that would make life easier for a practicing engineer (not a programmer)
> they 
> tell you that you do not need that.  They appear to have no actual design 
> experience.  Once, I asked for the program to print to a file in some
> format 
> the forces on the finite elements so I could use programs I write to
> further 
> process the information.   I was basically only wanted the maximum forces 
> (+and -)and those occuring with them printed.  I was basically looking for
> 24 
> or less elements out of 1000s of elements.  They informed me that I did
> not 
> need that because STAAD would print all the elements.....and that was
> exactly 
> my problem....i got 100s of pages of output...but only needed less than 1 
> page.  The guy could not understand why I would not want every
> number...and 
> only 24 or so.  
> I could go on more....but I think this is sufficient to illustrate my 
> short..STAAD would have to give me a free copy for me to ever 
> even think of using them again.  I agree there is not perfect software,
> but I 
> also think STAAD would not even make it to Ms Congeniality if there was a 
> competition.  I am using RISA currently but have not had a chance to try
> the 
> Windows real complaints EXCEPT the length of time it took to
> get 
> a windows version....I am trying to review Eagle Point soon.
> Ron Martin