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RE: Ed McDermott

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I am very saddened by the news of Ed McDermott's passing. I have known Ed
since I first joined SEAOSC in 1983. He was instrumental in my start as the
Chair for the Computer Applications Committee in 1989 and has been extremely
supportive of my efforts with SEAOSC ever since.
Most of you who know me understand that I might not fit the stereotype of an
engineer. I remember when I sat in on my first committee meeting in 1986 -
it was Ed who welcomed me warmly and introduced me to the other Hazardous
Building members who made me feel equal in every way from the first day.
>From that day forth, it had been a joy to volunteer my efforts to SEAOSC -
if only for the warmth that I received that day when Ed opened the door for
Ed encouraged my participation and when Mike Brooks, who was a long term
chair of the then electronic computations committee, wanted to leave, Ed
came to me and asked me to take over. I was honored to be asked to chair a
committee and gladly accepted.
When I started Online, Ed would read it and call me each month to tell me
how much he enjoyed it. Regardless of the financial climate at the time, Ed
was instrumental in insuring that Online received the funding and support
from the board and made sure that it was included in each monthly issue that
I was prepared for. He made me feel good about the work I was doing for
Ed's assistant at the time was a young lady named Janet. Together, they were
a good team and it's hard to acknowledge one without the other. Janet was
truly the production member of the team.
Although we are fortunate to have two fine people in the office of SEAOSC
with Don and Jane, I was sorry to see Ed leave. I tried to keep in touch
with him for some time after he left but most of what I know after his
departure comes second hand.

I understand that he retired to his brothers ranch back in the Southeast
someplace. He use to talk about how beautiful it was (I did see pictures)
and I thought he was really set on spending the rest of his life there. I
later learned that he returned to Los Angeles and took a part time job with
Vahdani Engineering - which I believe was a position in construction
coordination or marketing (I only know this second hand and may not have all
the facts). Again, I apologize if this is not correct, but I understand his
return was due to his failing health. He needed the insurance and the
professional care that he could get in Los Angeles and I believe his job
provided him that assurance.
Ed has been plagued with bouts of cancer since the very early 90's as far as
I know and I believe he lost his brother from cancer as well.
It's odd that the one person in our professional organization who made the
greatest impact upon me was not an engineer - it was Ed McDermott and
knowing he is gone for good - well, I will miss him very much. I am sure
that anyone who has had the honor of knowing Ed will remember him as fondly
as I do.

I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his family.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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> Directors & Delegates,
> We received the unfortunate news today that Ed McDermott passed away last
> Thursday from cancer.  Ed was SEAOSC's executive secretary for the fifteen
> years between 1978 and 1993. Services will be held tomorrow (Tues., Nov.
> at 9 a.m. at Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church, 900 W. La Habra Blvd. in La
>  SEAOSC is sending flowers and I will be attending the service.  Please
> the info on to anyone who knew Ed.
> Don
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