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RE: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve

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The contractor has shown a 7/8" diameter anchor bolt with a 6-inch embedment
(per UBC anchor bolt table) and using a 2-inch diameter standard steel pipe
sleeve by 4" long, to be filled with grout after the equipment base plate is
set.  Thus the sleeve would be within 2-inches of the bolt bearing.  

I have generally used a rule of thumb that the sleeve should not be longer
than 1/2 the embedment depth.  I have seen a project-specific criteria that
limits the sleeve to no closer than 4 bolt diameters from the bolt bearing
surface.  But I have not seen any industry standards which address this, and
the contractor wants justification that their detail is inadequate.  

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> Subject: RE: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve
> That's a good point, William.  I am not aware of any direct 
> research on
> this.  Will the sleeve be grouted?  What are the bolt and 
> sleeve diameters?
> If you want a quick answer, I'd say provide a larger bearing 
> surface by
> using a plate washer  (AISC shows this detail in Engineering for Steel
> Construction).
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> > Is anyone aware of any research or publications which 
> address the effects
> > of
> > embedded steel sleeves on the pullout strength of steel 
> anchor bolts?  If
> > the sleeve becomes too close to the embedded head, it seems 
> that it would
> > affect the bearing at the head and overall pullout cone.  I 
> do not see
> > this
> > addressed in ACI 349, although one of the diagrams shows an 
> "optional
> > steel
> > or PVC sleeve".  (A contractor has submitted an equipment 
> anchor bolt
> > detail
> > which has a 6-inch embedment and a 4-inch deep steel sleeve.)