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Wood Truss Reinforcement

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I am trying to find a good reference for the reinforcement of existing
wood  trusses. The trusses are about 57 years old and are consturcted of
built up sections, with split ring connectors.The bottom chord is

My idea to reinforce is to use steel plates or channels connected to the
bottom chord to carry the excess if not the entire tension force. In
particular I am looking for methods on how to transfer the force from
the wood member to the new steel member. It would seem that to be
effective the connections must be capable of transferring the forces
into the steel sections. 

I have looked at "Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook, page 6.103
to 6.106. This example covers sizing the new member but seems to be
vague on the connection to the truss. 

Any reference books or other information or ideas would be appreciated.


David N.Martin, P.E.