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Re: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve

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The ASCE publication "Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical
Facilities has good information on the use of sleeves.

Paragraph 4.2.2 states, "The minimum distance between the bottom of the
sleeve and the anchor bearing surface should not be less than 6-bolt
diameters or 6 inches (150mm) whichever is greater.

Randy Russ, P.E.
Russ Engineering
Baton Rouge, La.
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Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 4:39 PM
Subject: RE: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve

>The contractor has shown a 7/8" diameter anchor bolt with a 6-inch
>(per UBC anchor bolt table) and using a 2-inch diameter standard steel pipe
>sleeve by 4" long, to be filled with grout after the equipment base plate
>set.  Thus the sleeve would be within 2-inches of the bolt bearing.
>I have generally used a rule of thumb that the sleeve should not be longer
>than 1/2 the embedment depth.  I have seen a project-specific criteria that
>limits the sleeve to no closer than 4 bolt diameters from the bolt bearing
>surface.  But I have not seen any industry standards which address this,
>the contractor wants justification that their detail is inadequate.
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>> Subject: RE: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve
>> That's a good point, William.  I am not aware of any direct
>> research on
>> this.  Will the sleeve be grouted?  What are the bolt and
>> sleeve diameters?
>> If you want a quick answer, I'd say provide a larger bearing
>> surface by
>> using a plate washer  (AISC shows this detail in Engineering for Steel
>> Construction).
>> Regards,
>> J. Silva, SE
>> Hilti, Inc.
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>> > Subject: Effect of anchor bolts sleeve
>> >
>> > Is anyone aware of any research or publications which
>> address the effects
>> > of
>> > embedded steel sleeves on the pullout strength of steel
>> anchor bolts?  If
>> > the sleeve becomes too close to the embedded head, it seems
>> that it would
>> > affect the bearing at the head and overall pullout cone.  I
>> do not see
>> > this
>> > addressed in ACI 349, although one of the diagrams shows an
>> "optional
>> > steel
>> > or PVC sleeve".  (A contractor has submitted an equipment
>> anchor bolt
>> > detail
>> > which has a 6-inch embedment and a 4-inch deep steel sleeve.)