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Re: HP Battery Case - Aluminum tape

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Robert Kazanjy wrote:

seaint-return(--nospam--at) wrote:

> My trusty and beloved HP28-S (for which I paid $185 in 1991) is
> experiencing
> battery door failure. In 1994 the battery door failed and I found that
> EduCalc provided a new battery door free of charge (along with the
> catalog
> of neat HP calculator stuff). Now I have found that the housing to
> which the
> battery door attaches is showing signs of extreme fatigue failure. I
> love
> this calculator and don't want to trash it just because of what
> appears to
> me to be a small problem. Scotch tape doesn't work.

Now that you've gotten all the funny is one that will

If  door & calculator housing are still more or less intact & it is just
a fit / retention problem...I have a proven solution that worked for
years on my HP45.

Aluminum tape... about .005" thick

Rather than buy a whole roll send me your smail address & I'll send you
some to will probably outlast the batteries.


** You can find aluminum tape at any sheet metal shop.  I got some for a project on a facsimile of a Thomas Edison phonograph.  They usually have "scraps", or may cut you a piece.


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