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RE: engineering software

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RISA plans to add the ability to specify HSS sections in the next Windows
release of RISA-3D.  They also plan to have composite beams, area loading
and cold-formed steel design in the next Windows version of RISA-3D.
Concrete design will supposedly be added in the 3rd release of the Windows
version (i.e. 1st release is already out and the next version will be the
2nd release) which will supposedly sometime around the end of 2000.

Also, supposedly the windows version of RISA-2D was to have been release in
November (at least that is what I remember seeing somewhere).


At 08:52 AM 11/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
>We've been very happy with RISA and are looking forward to the Windows
>version, which has been promised but hasn't arrived yet. The software does
>both steel and wood stress checks, which is a nice feature, and the
>documentation is clear, well organized, and easy to understand. 
>We bought SAP2000 about a year ago, and it has some very powerful and
>versatile features which go well beyond RISA, but it doesn't do wood stress
>checks. It took me forever to "learn" and I still have a long way to go.
>Maybe I'm just thick headed, but I found the documentation very hard to use
>and not entirely adequate from the standpoint of walking you through the
>solution process. I do think SAP runs faster and is probably a better choice
>for large problems than RISA. 
>Both RISA and SAP's technical support have been excellent. 
>For problems which involve mats on elastic foundations, RISA is easier to
>use than SAP, but neither is as simple as PCAMATS for "plain vanilla"
>problems. I've come to the conclusion that you will never find one piece of
>analysis software that does everything you want.
>We don't use GTSTRUDL here, but most of the people who do bridge work around
>here use it and I think our state highway department (Washington)is most
>familiar with it.
>Both RISA and SAP use AISC Steel Construction Manual standard shape tables,
>which are based on nominal dimensions for tube sections. If you are using
>HSS, you have to manually input the newer section properties (based on
>minimum thickness) which are in the HSS Connections Manual published last
>year by AISC/AISI/STI. 
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>We started moving away from STAAD a few years ago, after encountering
>countless difficulties. Their technical support was slow and a bit rude.
>RISA turned out to be a great replacement -  inexpensive, easy to use,
>reliable, good technical support, too. Any feedback on RISA's new Windows
>Gabe Bohm
>Technip USA