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RE: Fall Protection System - Loading

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>The workers were going to tie-off to it.  Bad
>idea.  Just a small lateral force on a cable produced enormous end
>reactions.  Try it sometime.
Anyone who can remember clotheslines knows about this one. God knows how 
many times I tightened sagging clotheslines (plastic covered wire--not 
rope) for my mother. I pull it up tight one weekend and  after a few 
months of hanging wet sheets it'd drop 8-10 inches. I didn't dope out 
what was doing it 'til after I'd learned about free body diagrams. Once I 
saw video tape of a wrecker operator tipping an overturned (on its side) 
car back on its wheels just by securing the tow cable to a frame member, 
taking the slack out of the cable and giving the cable a sideways tug 
with one arm. The car rolled upright just slick as glass. 

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