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Re: Shear Wall Design

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You might want to take a look in Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook by
Faherty and Williaimson. In  section 8.5 Shearwalls  Ed Diekmann has written a
fairly extensive treatment of  your question. (ED also supervised a very
extensive series of shearwall tests but the resultsare still unpublished.)
    The internal shear distribution get fairly complicated without tie downs (or
with "loose" tie downs).  Also, since all shearwall testing is conducted with
grossly oversized tie downs, using the results (that's what APA,  UBC, CoLA, et.
al. publish) without substantial tie downs seems a little risky unless the shear
levels are low.
    I usually ignore deadload and provide tie downs that can handle all the
overturning moment.
Chuck Utzman