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Re: California SE exam

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If my memory serves me correct, you must have 3 years experience AFTER you
get you California PE plus you have to have two (or three?) California SE's
as references.  There is obiviously the SE exam as well.  The intent is
that you would work "for" or "with" some SE's during your three years of
experience (doing real seismic oppose to "seismic" design in
say Michigan) that could be your reference.  If not, then I believe their
is a mechanism through SEOC to find SEs that will act as references after
reviewing enough of your work.

I believe the that the California PE is "easier" to get in only that it
requires two years of experience after graduation, but the test is more
complicated...there are an additional two sections...a section on
seismicity and surveying.  For example, I believe for me to get
reciprosity, all I would need to do is take the seismicity and surveying
portions of the exam.

I will warn that all the above could be wrong since I am going from memory.
 If interested, you can contact the California licensing dept/board to get
application materials including the appropriate info on requirements.  Also
others might be able to confirm or add to the above.

Hope this helps,


At 04:07 PM 11/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Fast question-
>I was confused by the eligibility requirements for the SE exam on the CA
website.  How many years experience do you need to take the exam in
California if you have a BS, MEng, and EIT?  I am from out of state.