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RE: Shear Wall Design

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	I had already taken into consideration most of what advice was
offered, now 
	The question still remains about the allowable stress design portion
in the 
	Code (Sec. 1612.3).  Does anybody know if I may take my computed
	force at the diaphragm level in question (the force obtained from
	vertical distribution of my base shear) and divide it by 1.4 as the
	combination in 1612.3.1 implies (Eq. 12-9), in order to specify the
	schedules for my wood diaphragm?

Yes to dividing the load by 1.4 and No to using the load from vertical
distribution of base shear. Once you distribute the loads vertically you
need to plug that into eqn (33-1) to obtain the diaphragm design load.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Well it seems as though my response to Bill received a better
response than 
	my initial question.  Thankyou Rudolph Ruana as well as those who
	seriously to my inquiry.  I was about to appologize for my perhaps
	response to Bill, but after reading his response....... well we'll
leave it 
	at that since this is a public forum and I should have conducted
	professionally as a few have eluded to.

	Now, back to the purpose of this list server.

	Andrew Arnold, EIT
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