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RE: California SE exam

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To split some hairs (and possibly some semantics) regarding structural 
engineering registration/licensing in Arizona:

In Arizona, you are registered as a "Professional Engineer" with proficiency 
in a "branch," i.e., Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, etc., etc., 
which is shown on your seal as, "Professional Engineer ([branch])."

The requirements for taking the test is that you have *8* years of 
experience, of which a maximum of *5* years of formal education can count as 

The "Civil" exam is an 8 hour exam (all times are above the EIT exam) and 
it is required that the applicant has "Civil" experience "acceptable to the 
Board."  A person with "structural" experience, but no "civil" experience 
cannot take the exam to get registered as a "Professional Engineer (Civil)."

The "Structural" exam is a 16 hour exam and it is required that the applicant 
has "Structural" experience "acceptable to the Board."  Passing the exam gets 
you registered as a "Professional Engineer (Structural)."

However, (semantically) we refer to ourselves as "Civil Engineers," 
Structural Engineers," etc., but just use the initials, "P.E." after our 
names.  The State Board carries us on their roster as, "Engineer/Civil," 
"Engineer/Structural," etc.

So, since all engineer registrants are registered as P.E.'s, you can't (in 
Arizona) have to get registered as a P.E. in order to get registered as a 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural) [and Civil]
Tucson, Arizona

>>In the State of Washington, the legislature made the change last 
year.  Now, one has to take the NCEES SE1, SE2 and a four hours SE3 
(exam set by WA) in order to be registered PE in Structural 
Engineering.  No needs to have a PE in Civil.

I believe HI, AZ, IL are the other States that do not require PE 
before Structural exam.

> Which states do license you as an SE without their PE?
> Ghassem