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Re: AISC Floor plate bending capacity table

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Regarding the ASD plate bending capacity table.

1) I have observed that the deflection calculations are based on fixed supports
(1wL**4/384EI).  I am not sure that the typical floor plates are designed or
installed to transfer fixed end moments to their supports, not to mention the
torsional loading on the supporting beam.  A more realistic basis would be
simple supports (5wL**4/384EI).

2) I hope that next year's new LRFD Manual will have a useful floor plate
selection table with more realistic strength and deflection limits as their
basis.  Charlie, are you listening?

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA


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Subject:  AISC Floor plate bending capacity table

I've been curious about this for a while and now I think I have the forum to
find out the answer:  The AISC Manual of Steel Construction 9th edition has
a Floor Plate Bending Capacity table on page 2-145.  This table has a heavy
black line which is noted as being the dividing point for deflections being
greater than l/164.  What I want to know is why l/164?
Ken Peoples, P.E.
Pany and Lentz Engineering Co.
Allentown, PA