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RE: Exam US intention

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My pessimistic thought was that the reason that only 17% (the number I had
heard) passed last springs' SE eaxm (NCEES Structural I and II) was that
the testing company(s) like the $200+ (about $300 in my case to retake in
IL) fee.

But don't mind my "glass is half-empty" view!


At 10:17 AM 11/18/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Actually, I've always thought it was a way for those of us who are already
>there to control who else joins the club, and for the states to engender
>Note the wildly varying rates of "pass/fail" from year to year; also the way
>some states (my own being a very good example) have decided to open the
>floodgates from time to time to let in all who desire passage.
>Since Texas tacks on a $200 "bonus" for revenues into the general fund each
>time you relicense, that has become a lucrative racket.