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RE: Exam US intention

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If you really look at the big picture, the $200 "bonus" times the number of
Texas engineers (eventhough it is "free revenue") when compared to the State
of Texas overall budget is really chump change.  It may make the folks at
the Texas professional engineers board feel good, and maybe claim they pay
their own way.  But in reality it is just a fly speck in the overall budget.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland  CA

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	Actually, I've always thought it was a way for those of us who are
	there to control who else joins the club, and for the states to

	Note the wildly varying rates of "pass/fail" from year to year; also
the way
	some states (my own being a very good example) have decided to open
	floodgates from time to time to let in all who desire passage.

	Since Texas tacks on a $200 "bonus" for revenues into the general
fund each
	time you relicense, that has become a lucrative racket.