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RE: Exam US intention

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I've often thought the same thing, but the fact is that we're simply caught
up in "the net." Every "professional" license, from M.D. to P.E. all the way
down to "Barber" has to pay the 200 bucks. So even though P.E.s DO represent
"chump change," we like all loyal taxpaying citizens of the state and
nation, cannot be allowed by the powers-that-be to remain unfleeced.

By the same token, if I fail to pay my income tax, the I.R.S. is seemingly
just as interested in me as they were Al Capone.

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If you really look at the big picture, the $200 "bonus" times the number of
Texas engineers (eventhough it is "free revenue") when compared to the State
of Texas overall budget is really chump change.