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Re: Shear Wall Design/Billy Bob

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Due to the subject line, I thought you were talking about shear walls.
Everything I said still applies.

In addition, for DIAPHRAGM design, use Eq 33-1 in Section 1633.2.9.2, as Ben
Yousefi said.  These forces may be divided by 1.4 for ASD (don't divide a
second time if you have already done so).  Then use the table values from
Table 23-II-H-1 directly, as long as you use load combinations from
1612.3.2, as explained previously.

In my opinion, the definition of Eh in 1630.1.1 should include reference to
Fpx in Section 1633, to avoid further confusion on this matter.  IMHO, this
reference is implied by the remainder of the code, but it should be clearly

Mark Swingle, SE
Oakland, CA


Mark Swingle recently wrote the following in respose to Andrew Arnold:

.....Equation 33-1 in Section 1633.2.9.2 is applicable to diaphragm design
only .... These forces are not used for shear wall design.


and Andrew had written:

....Does anybody know if I may take my .... lateral force at the diaphragm
level .... and divide it by 1.4 .... in order to specify the nailing
schedules for my wood diaphragm?