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RE: 3-D Loading

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This doesn't make any sense at all, unless I am missing something. If you
design a building for loads at 45* (assuming a square building), then that's
like designing for 71% concurrently in each direction. Is that more severe
than 100% in one and 30% in the other? It would seem to me that the only
elements that are critical in these conditions are those who are
participating in the lateral force resisting system for both directions,
i.e., common columns, etc. in which case it would appear to me that 1.3 is
greater than 1.0. But maybe, once again, I am oversimplifying the problem.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Either during
||construction or after occupied (I can't remember), he for some reason
||decided to look at it with wind at 45 degrees and ALL the
||lateral braces
||were the point that there was a concern of
||a collapse
||that could result in several blocks being a
||fix was developed.
||I guess that is what I get for watching too much Discovery channel...I
||actually learn interesting things.