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Re: Galv Nails in P.T. Sole Plates

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I was at the same event, in the morning session of the two. The Chief
Building Official was Roger Sharpe of City of Walnut Creek. He is active in
ICBO code formulation activities. As I recall, he said that the galvanizing
was important only when the preservative treated wood was subject to being
wet, which is not a routine condition in mudsills of habitable buildings. I
gathered he would not enforce that code provision for normally dry building

As the code says, the building official is empowered to interpret the code...

Unfortunately, engineers acting as experts in matters like this in liability
accusations tend to declare their own interpretations, which may take no
heed of what the local building official deems the code to mean.  

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE  

At 06:24 PM 11/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I asked this question at the Wood Solutions Fair in Oct.  The consensus of the
>panel (John Rose, a CBO, and some other engineers) was "don't worry about