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RE: Allowable Stress

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Speaking of the ASD code, is it true that the current 9th Edition is the
last one and that all future AISC codes will be LRFD?

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The "right" code, Mr. Valley?  So then ASD must be the "wrong" code?  This 
clearly spotlights the dangers of a two code system, where one code is 
allowed to be used, but is not updated or made more complete as deficiencies

and errors are found.  What's the standard of care in a situation like this?

  Use one code for some problems, and a different code for others, all 
within the same structure?  Is it reasonable that code overlaps makes design

more difficult to check, and more error prone?  Certainly it wouldn't be 
ethical to design every member in a building by whichever code produces a 
more favorable result.  How does a common engineer solve that conundrum?  
Now I need a legal degree, too?

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>Code-based design of such members is easy if you use the right code.
>Section F1 of the LRFD Steel Manual indicates applicability to a
>much wider range of problems and includes specific direction for
>solid rectangular bars.

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