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RE: Std. of Care

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At 12:45 AM 11/19/99 -0800, Dennis Wish wrote, in part:
>I have had little involvement in this discussion but saw Charles comments
>about "Standard of Care" and had to comment.

>The issue of a standard of care is immensely important - more now than ever
>before. This is because few engineers are designing in full compliance of
>the code and few building officials and plan check engineers are enforcing
>full compliance - at least not until more is known to justify or negate the
Yes, indeed.

I wrote quite a bit on this in a message "Seismic/Bldg Code" of April 3,
1999, that's in the e-mail archives on the Seaint Website (see footer below.)

A very informative discussion paper on Standard of Care  --what it means and
how it pertains to structural engineering practice-- was mentioned therein.
It is by Josh Kardon, SE, of Berkeley CA.   It is online (new addr.) at:

I regard Dr Kardon's paper as an essential prequisite to absorb before
entering into discussions on "standard of care", or even uttering that term.

The basic website is run by the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and
Science, at Case Western Reserve Univerity, under a grant fron the National
Science Foundation. This site is well worth checking out for its many
resources. I am interested in how well structural building code writing and
adopting practices comport with principles set forth in those resources, for
example. There sure has been a lot of funny business going on in the code
world in recent years.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE