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Re: Standard of Care v Code

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The code (i.e. UBC) is the law which engineers are required to follow, at 
least they are expected to.  In my opinion, engineers are expected to produce 
a design which exceeds the safety requirements spelled out in the code.  You 
are  correct when you wrote that the code provides only minimal safety 

The objective of a design is to produce a building that will meet the owner's 
expectation.  I do not beleive that only following the letter of the code 
will provide complete protection to the engineer.  In addition to exceeding 
the code requirement, sound engineering judgment is imperatif.  That is when 
the standard of care comes into play.  
The standard of care is a subjective test based on a "reasonable prudent 
person," in this case an engineer.  I do not see how you can "codify" that, 
as you are suggesting.  The test is:  what would a resonable prudent engineer 
have done in this situation? By the way, this test is appplied by the trier 
of fact, whether judge, jury, or arbitrator.

George Hakim