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Re: strong axis bending

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Dear Sirs,
Could you tell me the e-mail of SSRC ?
Thank you

Daniel Indrawan

Roger Turk wrote:

> The 4th edition of the Structural Stability Research Council book has the
> formula for the buckling strength of long rectangular plates as:
>    Fcr = k(c){pi^2 * E/[12 * (1 - nu^2)(b/t)^2]}
> Figure 4.8 gives the values for k(c) for plates subjected to pure bending to
> pure compression, however, one of the unloaded edges must be either simply
> supported or fixed.
> Fcr is the critical buckling strength and has to be reduced by an appropriate
> factor of safety.  (IMO, a F.S. >= 5 would not be inappropriate.)
> Actually, I wouldn't count on plates bending about the strong axis to have
> any significant strength unless the compression edge is stiffened.
> Hope this helps (but it probably doesn't).
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> Raj wrote:
> >>No, I am not looking for formula to calculate actual stresses, but to
> determin e allowable stresses, taking into account the lateral torsional
> buckling criterion etc.
> Raj<<