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RE: SEAOC seismology opinion regarding 10/Lw factor for calculati ng rho

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Thank you, from a practicing engineer, for the code change update.
Regarding the current code:  We as professional engineers are not expected
to blindly follow the code.  We would be negligent if we did.  It is our
responsibility to use professional judgement and interpret the intent of the
code.  In fact we must know the intent of the code, else we would not be
able to apply the code's provisions to the particular structures we are
asked to design.  We further would not be able to recognize when code
provisions have become outdated, when the codes provisions are not
applicable to particular conditions, or simply to recognize the various
typographical errors which naturally occur and act accordingly.  No one
expects to be told to ignore the code.  Most of us hope to learn and know,
via Blue Book Commentary or otherwise, what the writers of the code
intended.  And if there was a simple oversight in there drafting of an
equation to simply say so.  Life is moving to fast to wait until 2003.

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Subject: SEAOC seismology opinion regarding 10/Lw factor for calculating

During the Sept 29 seismology meeting, the committee voted to submit a code
change proposal for the 2001 IBC Supplement No. 1, with the following

"In light-frame construction, the value of the ratio of 10/Lw need not be
greater than 1.0."

Please note that this is just a proposal, which is subject to possible
during upcoming ICC hearings.

Meeting minutes for the Sept. meeing will be posted to the web server
the upcoming Dec 3/4 meeting (they exist only in draft form at this time).

For engineers who are currently engaged in light-frame structural design,
can really only recommend that all engineers ALWAYS OBEY THE EXISTING
CODE, AS ADOPTED BY THE LOCAL JURISDICTION.  It is public law, and we cannot
recommend any other action.

Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving