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Re: please help me to leave this site- no, on for life

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At 11/22/99 03:33 PM, you wrote:

It's like that old Kingston Trio song -  The MTA
Once you're on for the ride, you never get off.

Jim Anderson

--- stevedalton <stevedalton(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> ive tried leave seaint but it does not work
> Any suggestions?
> Regards
> steve

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Dear SEAInt list member:

It seems like you are having trouble leaving the SEAInt email list server.

In the header section of an email from the SEAInt list, please look for a header called "X-Listmember:" followed by an email address. That is the address you are subscribed as. Lets assume that address is "oldaddress(--nospam--at)".

Now send an email to admin(--nospam--at) and in the body of the message type:

leave seaint oldaddress(--nospam--at)

That should do it. SEAInt list server is one of the unique educational tools for engineers all around the world. If you do not like the amount of email you are getting, you can request that all email be sent to you as a single email, once every day. This feature is known as the "Digest" feature.

If nothing works, trying using the automatic unsubscribe form on our web site at:

How to get One email a day from the list server.

If you are already subscribed to the list, simply subscribe again. Your
account will then be switched to the "Digest" mode. All the email sent to
the list will be collected for you and sent to you soon after midnight as a
single email.

How do I switch back to the non-digest mode?

If you are currently subscribed using the "Digest" mode, simply subscribe
again to the list.
Your account will then be switched back to the normal mode.

Hope that helps.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
Internet Administrator