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RE: Comparison of RAM Advanse and SAP 2000

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Can't tell you about RAM Advanse, but after a year of limited use of
SAP2000, mostly for finite element modeling, I can tell you the following:

1. It's fast, versatile, powerful, and has some nice graphics features. This
does not include direct cut and paste, however if you contact tech support,
they will share secrets like how to do a PrintScreen to your clipboard,
which can be copied and edited to other programs like Word.

2. Tech support is pretty good. You have to send them emails, but the
response is usually in less than an hour.

3. The tutorials are ok and will get you started provided your problems are
very similar to the examples. Anything beyond that takes a while to figure
out.If you have to do anything like batch processing using text file inputs
or special generation of nodes that the graphical user interface
(GUI)doesn't handle, it's a real struggle to wade through the documentation.
CSI really could do with an upgrade to their manuals. There is no hard copy
of the GUI manual, which I had to print from a file (after I discovered it
was there), and the tutorials you can download from the CSI website only
take you so far. Be prepared for a steep learning curve.

4. The Windows integration is fair, but if you like several tiers of
subdirectories to organize your data files, you may not be able to have as
many as you would like.

5. I think if you are mostly doing building frame analysis, this is a dandy
program. If you do a lot of plates and shells or elastic foundations, the
capability is certainly there but it takes a while to figure out.

6. The need for a hardware lock is a pain in the butt, and it took us a
while to get it to work right in a network setting using Windows NT.

7. Worth the price? I think so. Easy to use? Not entirely.

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Subject: Comparison of RAM Advanse and SAP 2000

The firm that I work for is considering purchasing either RAM Advanse or SAP
2000.  I would like the list to compare these two programs as to their
strengths and weaknesses.  Thanks for your help.

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