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Re: Wood Designation Question

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I don't have my references with me right now, but they refer to the species of
the wood.  I believe S-P-F stands for Southern Pine (I'm not sure what the "F"
stands for).  Different species have different values for the allowable stresses
and differing values of "E".  If you can get your hands on a copy of the
National Design Specification it should clear things up.

Also take note of what else is stamped on the wood.  The method of grading
(visual or machine) as well as moisture content will effect the allowable
stresses.  So will load duration, the direction of loading, etc.  There are far
more variables used in wood design than steel.

Hope that helps!

James_F_Fulton(--nospam--at)RohmHaas.Com (James F Fulton) on 11/23/99 08:22:02 AM

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Subject:  Wood Designation Question

What do the designations stamped "Hem-Fir" and "S-P-F" on stand for and mean
for purpose of wood design ?  I have an idea but cannot find this discussed
in the references I have. Thanks.