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RE: SEAOC seismology opinion regarding 10/Lw factor for calcula

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>Therefore, you must obey the law regardless of how
>inappropriate and improper it really is." This is only my interpretation and
>I would be remiss to suggest that others feel as strongly as I about this.

There must be words in the building code document that states that the 
code is a minimum standard to be used with professional judgement as to 
its suitability. I can't believe that there's such a 'obey or die,' 
philosophy at work. The AISC Handbook has exactly such language right 
under the copyright. So do all the pressure vessel codes. All of these 
also contain language allowing for the use of design methods providing 
equivalent safety (or strength or serviceability--something like that) 
for details not explicitly covered in the code.

Don't forget, none of these codes is law, even though their use is 
specified by law. There's a big difference. What _is_ law is the 
engineers' obligation to practice competently to insure public safety. A 
judgement call or a code interpretation may lead to an argument with a 
client or another engineer and a lot of hurt feelings without being 
against the law, negligence _is_ against the law and can get your license 
revoked. No excuses like the infamous, 'I was just obeying orders' 

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