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RE: Exam US intention

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>A friend in the Mechanical field was actually discouraged from getting his
>PE for liability reasons.  Apparently, they didn't want to look like they
>knew better when doing what they knew (or didn't know) they shouldn't.
Too bad so many ME's act as their own legal counsel. The lawyer who 
defends himself, like the doctor who prescribes for himself, has a fool 
for a client. Liability judgements are about money, nothing else. With or 
without a PE, no lawyer is going after someone with no money, unless 
there are serious mitigating circumstances. No judgement has value if 
it's uncollectible and if a liability judgement is uncollectible the 
lawyer works for free. Moreover, juries are very reluctant to impoverish 
an individual over a technical issue. This is especially true for ME's 
who are mostly in corporate practice with companies who carry lots of 
insurance. Which is not to say that ME's never get sued, just that suits 
follow the money. If there's no money, the likelihood of a suit is small, 
and it doesn't get any more likely if a PE is involved.

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