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Re: SEAOC seismology opinion regarding 10/Lw factor for calculating rho

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In a message dated 11/23/99 10:04:32 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Rick.Drake(--nospam--at) writes:

 You have a misconception about how quickly the code change process works.  I
 think it would be appropriate for you to learn a little about the 
 Building Code (IBC) change process before you accuse Martin Johnson or 
anyone of
 being unmotivated.    Clearly, you have never met Martin and your comment was
 Rick Drake, SE
 Fluor Daniel, Aliso viejo.
I cannot believe all this bureaucratic double-talk I have been reading on 
this board lately!!!!!!. It appears that a mistake has been made with the 
intent of the code. To wait an additional several years until the harm can be 
undone is totally foolish  and unnecessary! What I want to find out from the 
members of the Seismology Committee for once and for all (if they will 
respond) has the intent of the code as it applies to wood structures been 
misinterpreted in the code?  Has a mistake been made?  Do changes need to be 
made? If the code as it was adopted needs to be modified, or certain sections 
removed, than lets get it done now!!!!!!!  The same Committee should contact 
the Governors office to have specific sections of the code repealed on an 
emergency basis immediately. How hard is that?  All we need is to get the 
Seismology Committee to help out. Am I missing something here?  As a sole 
practitioner, having to make instant decisions, and putting out fires on the 
spot all the time ..... am I wrong for expecting others in responsible 
positions to do the same?