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10/lw factor and Wood Frame Walls

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The assertion that the 10/lw factor is part of the code and therefore, "must" be
enforced is not quite correct.  Code change proposals have now been made both to
the IBC (by SEAOC Seismology Committee members) and also to the proposed 2000
NEHRP Provisions (by SEAOC members who work as part of the BSSC process).  It
woudl not be unreasonable to publish an article in ICBO's Building Standards
periodical, indicating that there is a problem with the current provision,
explaining why this happened, and suggesting the fix, which has already been
proposed as changes to the code documents.

While there is no guaranteee that every building official would then accept
designs using the new provision, there is a possibility that many would.  This
would have to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

An emergency code change, as suggested by Bob Bossi, would seem to be an
over-reaction to the problem, and is unlikely to be adopted.

 I will contact ICBO and determine the possibiltiy of getting an article