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100k Salary Offer

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Structural engineer needed with about 10 years experience-$100k
Call 916-631-8550 for details.  Check out web page at <> 
(CA registration not req'd)


<This is unbelievable to me. Does anyone have any info on the salary
escalation over the last few years?

The notion that an EIT, even with 10 years experience, could pull down six
figures staggers me!>

I am not sure where Bill is from, but in Northern CA the average price of a 
1200 sq. ft home is over 300,000 bucks. Maybe this guy needs someone really 
bad, I know our company has a hell of a time finding qualified people 
(sometimes 2-3 months for even a decent candidate). Also, maybe he meant No 
SE licensed required but PE is required. I was also shocked to see the 100k 
salary. But if it is a serious offer, I am very glad to see that kind of an 
offer being made. Our salaries are way too low for the role we play in 
building and bridge design not to mention the liability we bear. We've all 
heard these rants before and I will not repeat them now. The only people (I 
believe) living comfortably in this profession are principles of firms who 
get a good chunk of the profits. The every day grunt engineer gets paid 
enough to get by. I also think that the SEAOC salary survey is a dis-service 
to the profession. Very few engineers were polled, and as a member of SEAONC, 
I do not remember receiving a survey form to fill out and return. For it to 
be a true measure of salary trends, many more engineers need to receive and 
return a completed survey form.

-My 2 cents.