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1997 UBC 2315 Wood Shear Walls with openings

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5th paragraph contains a sentence to wit: "Design for force transfer shall
be based on a rational analysis." A couple of months ago, I submitted such a
design to a building official. Apparently, MY rational design wasn't the
same as HIS rational design and we got into a "debate" (my "G" rated term
for the event) over this issue. Before I go down the same path again, and,
since I do not have my Volume 2 Seismic Design Manual yet, does anyone
(preferrably someone who is preparing an example for Volume 2) have sample
problems they can send to me? If acceptable, I can convert to .pdf format
and put on the web for all to use.

My fax number is (949) 249-2297.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA