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Oregon Draft Permanent Rule for Structural Engineering

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Draft Permanent Rule for Structural Engineering and related background may be checked out at
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(e) "Structural Engineering" means that branch of professional
                    engineering that provides analysis, design, evaluation or review
                    of structures or their elements, parts or systems for support of
                    external forces such as gravity, lateral loading, temperature,
                    seismic influence, etc.

                    (A) Structural engineering services for significant structures, as
                    referred to in ORS 672.002 to 672.325, shall mean structural
                    engineering for the primary structural frame or load resisting
                    system and its elements or parts. The primary frame shall be
                    that portion of the structure which provides the overall stability of
                    the structure. Elements, components, or parts of the structure
                    which are not part of the primary frame do not require the
                    services of a professional structural engineer.

                    (B) A "Structural Engineer" is a registered professional
                    engineer who has passed a structural engineering examination
                    recognized by the Board.

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