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RE: SEAOC seismology opinion (10/Lw)

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"Tens of thousands"? Isn't this an exaggeration, Michael? Try a few dozen,

A little defensive, aren't we? Sort of like "if we aren't part of the
solution we are part of the problem" arguement?

>From what I've read so far, most of the comments usually have come with some
sort of suggestion on how this error can be corrected. True, most are
offered by codewriting neophites who don't have a clue about how to get this
done. How 'bout offering something POSITIVE from your personal knowledge
Michael and background in such a way that this ERROR can be corrected?

Whatever you do Michael, please, stop criticising those who have identified
the ERROR and defending those who have made it. If this is the only thing
you can offer, please, unplug your keyboard.

How has it gotten so politically correct these days for someone to be able
to act so cowardly and not stand up, admit a mistake was made and then do
everything that can be done to correct it instead of deny fault? And I'm not
talking about some watered down version that has no meaning or "bite". Let's
have something with some backbone. Or, has all the attorneys removed that
piece of anatomy from all of us? O.K., so a position paper written by SEAOC
can only be published in "Plan Review", the SEAOC Newsletter, ICBO's
Building Standards or some other publication other than the building code
and will have to be negotiated on an individual case basis with a building
And, as importantly, we design engineers may have something to aid our
defensible position in a court of law and possibly a return to a distant
memory called "Common Sense".

With regards to changing the code, it has to be exasperating to all in that
the code review process is so strung out. Right now, any comments we have,
regardless how plausable, will not appear in any publication before the 2001
amendment to the 2000 IBC which will not go into effect until about 2003 and
not into effect at all in CA. So, for us here in CA, trying to make a living
day to day are thinking about the 2003 IBC due to take effect July 2005?
Yeah, I'm really motivated! How many of us are trying to figure out a way to
get out of this business before then?

Until we have more perfect codewriters, please give us back our amendment

Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA


=>It's a real shame that this error was made.  The problem that caused
=>the error is that tens of thousands of people are willing to
=>criticize the code, but almost no one is willing to work at changing
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