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Re: SEAOC seismology opinion (10/Lw)

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I respectfully disagree that an Emergency Code Change is inappropriate in
this case.  While past emergency code changes have been made to increase
safety, the ICBO bylaws do not set this as a requirement.

Since the impact of this change will be, in many cases, to increase the
lateral forces on the resisting elements in residential buildings by as much
as 50%, the economic impact on the cost of housing can be significant.  Each
time housing costs rise, for whatever reason, more people cannot afford a
place to live.  That, in turn, impacts life safety.

I would leave the decision to the ICBO Board of Directors

Bob Bossi

Michael Valley wrote:

> The purpose of the code (1997 UBC, Section 101.2) is aimed at safety
> NOT economy.  That being said, it IS important that codewriters keep
> in mind the economical realities under which we designers must work.
> However, EMERGENCY code changes to promote economy (as opposed to
> addressing a major safety concern) are inappropriate.  When a serious
> safety problem is found, an emergency code change MAY be appropriate.
> When an issue of economy is found, we must work through the normal
> process.