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RE: 10/lw factor and Wood Frame Walls

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Finally, a voice of reason. Why is there so much resistance to the state
President - especially when he is SO willing to work with the members of the
association? My deepest gratitude to Ron Hamburger for his continued effort
to overcome the problems that we are facing.
I would, however, carry Ron's suggestion one step further - use the Building
Standards as a medium to discuss other ambiguities in the code. The fact
that the problem is documented carries much weight in the building
departments, not to mention as evidential substantiation that might be
needed for the engineers defense or to ward off the potential for frivolous
Now the big question - Is the Seismology Committee omnipotent or is there
some power in the members of the profession to prevail and encourage the
type of rational thought and fair compromise similar to what Ron Hamburger
Thank you, Ron, for listening to us - my faith is slowly being restored.
Restoration depends on how willing Seismology or Code Committee is willing
to take this direction. One thing is for certain - of all of the debates
that we have had, we have had no more than 1 or 2 that are supportive of the
code methodology and only one, that I know of, who submitted his
encouragement in writing to former state president John Shipp.

Ron, consider runner for a four year term (which I think is necessary to
accomplish some of these seemingly insurmountable tasks) and you will have
my pledge of support.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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Subject: 10/lw factor and Wood Frame Walls

The assertion that the 10/lw factor is part of the code and therefore,
"must" be
enforced is not quite correct.  Code change proposals have now been made
both to
the IBC (by SEAOC Seismology Committee members) and also to the proposed
NEHRP Provisions (by SEAOC members who work as part of the BSSC process).
woudl not be unreasonable to publish an article in ICBO's Building Standards
periodical, indicating that there is a problem with the current provision,
explaining why this happened, and suggesting the fix, which has already been
proposed as changes to the code documents.

While there is no guaranteee that every building official would then accept
designs using the new provision, there is a possibility that many would.
would have to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

An emergency code change, as suggested by Bob Bossi, would seem to be an
over-reaction to the problem, and is unlikely to be adopted.

 I will contact ICBO and determine the possibiltiy of getting an article