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RE: SEAOC seismology opinion regarding 10/Lw factor for calculatingrho

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My comments were not intended to be personal attacks. I don't know Martin
Johnson and can not make a judgment on his character. My "attacks" as you
call them are criticisms aimed at the chairman of the Seismology Committee,
who by nature of his position becomes responsible for his team.
Any individual who assumes the position of authority representing the needs
of a professional community is open to criticism or praise from those he
represents. This not only applies to Martin Johnson, but to each member of
the Seismology Committee, the SEA board of directors, or even the editor of
SEA International Online(again yours truly) whose published works might not
agree with the mainstream.
Criticism can be taken as constructive or destructive - depending on the
responsive action. Ron Hamburger and Bob Bossi's comment contained
constructive solutions to attempt to overcome the sea of political
stonewalling and ambivalence for more than five months. Martin Johnson and
your comments reflect a rigid adherence to the rule of parliamentary
procedure. The fact is that there are options to speed the process. No law
or parliamentary rule is written so unyielding and binding as to eliminate
reform or appeals. None of the individuals, in a position to implement or
explore these options, choose to do so. This comes at great expense of the
professional community who lie at the receiving end of the code rhetoric.
In my opinion, these individuals become targets for strong opinion and
consternation related to their "lack" of progressive action. If my "direct
attack" results in an expedient resolution, then these individuals will gain
the respect of those who they are suppose to support. The question in my
mind is who should have created this code - the members who practice wood
design and understand the performance of the materials or a committee of
individuals who, for the most part, have little or no experience in wood


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I didn't say you were out of line for stating your opinion on the code
process.  I did say you were out of line for your derogatory perasonal
attack on
the individual you named.

I must have missed the course on interpersonal dynamics in college.  Please
explain to me how making derogatory personal attacks on individuals in our
profession will improve the code change process.


Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo