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Re: Committee on Wood

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>no proposal is passed along to the code bodies without development of
>a complete committee consensus.
I read this with some interest, given my experience with other design 
codes. It sounds a lot more like the ASME Code process. Which I'm glad to 
see. One thing Ron didn't mention was provision for interpretation by the 
main code committee. Most of the ASME promulgated codes meet regularly to 
consider questions submitted by users and render interpretations. 
Questions are submitted in the form, 'Does (particular code part) allow 
or require (a specific action)?' to be answered substantially 'yes' or 
'no.' The committee doesn't get any more involved in someone's design 
than code interpretation. There are also provisions for Code 
cases--broader provisions covering specific requirements intended 
eventually to find their way into the Code. 

Ron didn't mention interpretation as a committee function, but it would 
sure seems that a provision for addressing properly laid out questions 
would be valuable. 

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