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Committee on Wood

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" She died, my lord, but while her slander lived."
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Ron Hamburger wrote:

The Code Committee has worked on administrative provisions of the code, gravity load provisions of the code and most issues related to wood frame construction.  The Code committee, for example, made a
major rewrite of the Conventional Construction Provisions that regulate not-engineered wood frame construction.  The Seismology Committee works with the "seismic" design provisions of the code.

Could there be a Wood Light Frame Structural Design subcommittee established under the Seismology Committee that would track the Caltech-CUREe Wood frame project with an eye towards future Blue Book and ICC code changes, as well as assume the Listserv function as the "link" to the Listserv practicing community which designs in wood?

"History doesn't always repeat itself [knock on WOOD]," observed Mark Twain; "but it rhymes a lot."

James Bela

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