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Re: SEAOC seismology opinion ...

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Not only should the error be corrected ASAP, but this procedure points
out the importance of working through the consensus process where
thorough review is done by a balanced committee of many individuals. 
The ANSI accredited consensus process should be followed.  That is the
criteria should have been submitted to the various ANSI approved
committees (that would use this criteria) for proper processing and
consensus for the criteria's useage.

<<< "Robert J Bossi, PE" <rjbossi(--nospam--at)> 11/28 11:40a >>>
Michael Valley wrote:

> Griping is the first step; it is evidence of reasonable CARE.
> However, to avoid negligence, reasonable ACTION is also required.

This is exactly the point.  Now that SEAOC has made it clear that its
Committee erred in the development of the Rho factor, it must act
promptly to
mitigate the damage this action will cause others.  If it does not, the
it should
be held liable for the costs incurred by others in complying with what
it has
admitted are unnecessary code provisions.  That is why I suggested that
should propose an emergency code change to ICBO.  To wait 4-1/2 years
for the
problem to solve itself is negligence.

Bob Bossi