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RE: 1/3 stress increase for 5 psf interior wind load

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On the same thread, the 1997 UBC Section 1611.5 classifies the 5 psf
partition load as a live load which does not have to be applied
simultaneously with wind or seismic. I looked in ANSI/AISC 7-95 and didn't
find a reference to this load. I think it's probably a "good practice"
standard which evolved from experience. In the UBC it is also used to
calculate deflection of interior partitions for purposes of creating minimum
wall stiffness.

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Subject: 1/3 stress increase for 5 psf interior wind load

I have designed (picked out of a catalog, really) interior load bearing
metal studs for a small office type structure.
Dale/Incor, in their catalog, provides allowable axial loads for various
stud sizes at various heights under various wind loading condtions (other
manufacturers provide the same info).  Anyway, they have a footnote that
For components subjected to 5 psf and greater lateral wind loads, the actual
bending and axial stresses were multiplied by 0.75 in accordance with AISI
Section A4.4
AISI sect. A4.4 states:  Where load combinations specified by the applicable
building code include wind or eq loads, the resulting forces may be
multiplied by 0.75.
The question is:  does the 5 psf interior wall loading prescribed by code
constitute a WIND load.  My boss and I both think so, but I would love a
second, third, or twelfth opinion.
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