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Re: ASME vs AWS Welding Qualifications

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>Is there an easy answer as to whether ASME IX welding certification meets or
>exceeds AWS D1.1 code requirements?
Your question doesn't have a real answer because both specifications 
address different requirements. In general ASME weld QA probably exceeds 
quality requirements for the average structual welding. Such a blanket 
statement is almost worthless, in that D1.1 covers and enormous range of 
service requirements. At D.1.1's most demanding  it probably doesn't 
differ much from Section IX. I'll stick my neck out and claim that the 
welded connections that failed during the Northridge quake probably 
wouldn't have failed had the welding met ASME Code requirements.

One thing to remember--Section IX doesn't qualify welders to weld just 
any old thing. The intent is to set up a framework for verifying that a 
welder can produce sound welds for a specific range of so-called 
'essential variables' set forth in a weld procedure, cover material 
requirements, weld process variables, consumables and material 
thicknesses. Most changes in essential variables require 
re-qualification. So a welder who waltzes up and tells you that he is AWS 
qualified for doing your your moment-resisting connnections on the basis 
of his ASME qualification on high pressure steam piping is talking 
through his hat. 

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